15 December 1987
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About a girl...

name: Anna-Liisa
nicknamed: Anna
living in: Espoo, Finland
wish to live in: Somewhere else

other journals: memory_rain for icons | rikkaimuri for fics

About what she loves and hates...

love: friends, autumn, winter, candle, warmth, hugs, animals, normality, coke, roleplaying
hate: war, fighting, cold, rain when depressed, depression

About what might interest her...

tv-shows: Roswell, the Invibisible Man, Doctor Who
books: Harry Potter, the Little Prince
movies: Seven Years in Tibet, Good Will Hunting, Pearl Harbour, Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and many others.
music: Poets of the Fall, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Tenimyu Music, Tenipuri music, T.M.Revolution, abingdon boys school and others.

anime and manga: Prince of Tennis, Soul Eater, Death Note, Code Geass, D.N.Angel, Vampire Knight, Ayashi no Ceres and many others.
games: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hears, King of Fighters, Phoenix Wright, Pokémon

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